Norra Vätterns skärgård

In the heart of Sweden, at the tip of Lake Vättern, lies Askersund.
A gem among cities.

Askersund can be described as a mecka of small cafes with historical wooden buildings and a picturesque small harbor. In the surrounding area, you will find many nature reserves, hiking trails, and cycling paths that offer fantastic views and experiences. The city also hosts numerous events that take place annually.



Visit Askersund Tourist information

Visiting address during the summer

Hamngatan 4B

696 31 Askersund

All year round

Telephone: +46 583 810 88

E-mail: info@visitaskersund.se

Askersund - by Sweden's most mysterious archipelago!

From the charming wooden houses in Askersund, it's never far to Sweden's most mysterious archipelago. An extensive archipelago surrounded by magical forest lakes. Hike, swim, paddle, drop anchor or choose a sun-warmed cliff - in Askersund it's easy to find your next adventure!

Skyltar med vandringsleder och en träbyggnad i bakgrunden. 

Tiveden National Park & 30 Nature reserves

Askersund offers a fantastic range of hiking trails in nature reserves, inviting you to constantly explore new natural experiences. In the Tiveden National Park, you'll encounter a dramatic rock landscape within ancient forests. Reach out to us, and we'll provide you with personalized hiking tips!

Stjernsund Castle

Stjernsund's Castle, a neoclassical gem with furnishings dating back to the 1850s, is considered one of Sweden's best-preserved castles. Expert guides tell about the magnificent parade room, about the guest apartment of the singer prince Gustaf and the servants' cellar. The castle complex is surrounded by the water on a promontory, and here you will find a nice castle shop, exhibitions and castle café. Welcome!.

Visit Askersund brochure

Explore our digital brochure in English showcasing the diverse offerings of our charming small town and its picturesque surroundings. Whether you prefer online browsing or downloading for later perusal, the brochure is ready to captivate your imagination.