Maritime passion: Edvin and the wooden boat Epicurus


Meet Edvin Mattsson, a young enthusiast who dedicates himself to boating in the northern archipelago of Lake Vättern. His affection for the wooden boat Epicurus is as much an expression of his interest in maritime history as it is a part of his everyday life. Through skillful handling and meticulous maintenance, Edvin cherishes the boat, loving to spend leisure days with friends on the lake.

Boating has accompanied Askersund native Edvin throughout his upbringing. At 16, he sought to resume sailing after quitting dinghy sailing, and he and a friend began looking for another boat project.

Träbåt under presenning

A beautiful yet worn-out wooden boat at the boat club's yard caught their attention. The boat's previous owner, Adrianus Deems, took a liking to the boys and gifted them the boat.

Adrianus, en äldre herre med hatt, lämnar över nycklar till en båt med ett metspö till två unga killar.

According to tradition, boat keys are handed over with a fishing rod. Here, Edvin and Henning receive the key to Epicurus from Adrianus.

The renovation process became a learning experience for Edvin and his friend. "We learned a lot from both our fathers, online forums, books, helpful people at the boat club, and especially Adrianus during the initial major renovation work.
"And sometimes it feels like the whole boat club has engaged and given us invaluable tips and advice," laughs Edvin.

Kastrull med olja och pensel under skrovet på en båt
Tre killar står på en båt på land

A faint scent of tar lingers around the boat as Edvin sands the hull before applying the spring's new layer of varnish, and the tent walls protect to preserve moisture before launching. Maintaining a wooden boat is a true craft, and Edvin explains that it's about learning to collaborate with the wood's properties and the weather. "And finding little tricks, like placing wet rugs in the bilge a few weeks before launching," Edvin smiles cunningly.

En träbåt hänger i kranen och är på väg att sjösättas.

"Launching Epicurus for the first time was an exhilarating experience," recalls Edvin. "The boat hung in the crane for weeks and took in a lot of water, so the pumps were working hard." A valuable tip turned out to be placing a jar of sawdust under the boat, so small wood chips filled the cracks and helped seal the boat.

Två unga killar sitter på en brygga med en träbåt intill.

Meanwhile, Edvin watched over the boat, recalling times when he sat in it and did his school math assignments remotely. Encountering problems, Edvin sees as a fun challenge and is for him part of the charm of boating. Every difficulty becomes an opportunity to learn something new.

Tråbåt hänger i kranens slingor
Två träbåtar vid brygga i Askersunds hamn.

Sailing into harbors with a beautiful wooden boat attracts attention and is enjoyed by many. It's easy to understand why the boat was named Epicurus, after the Greek philosopher who pondered what makes a person happy.

Fören på en segelbåt i Askersunds hamn

The boat can be seen as a cultural heritage of construction and sailing art. Built in 1961 in Holland by a prominent designer, Epicurus is one of only 30 Boomerang brand boats in the world. Crafted with carefully selected materials such as oak, mahogany, copper, and brass, the boat is not only a pleasure to sail but also a robust work of art in itself.

Träbåten Epicurus vid bryggan i Askersunds hamn

But boating isn't just about technical details and history; it's equally an experience of nature, community, and adventure. Edvin believes that it's not really summer unless he's out on the boat with friends. The second summer included a trip around Lake Vättern with stops in Vadstena, Hästholmen, Hjo, and Djäknesundet

Träbåten Epicurus förtöjd vid en ö.
Segelbåt på Vättern
Sidan på träbåt som kör skapar vågor.
Fönster på träbåt
Utsikt mot en upplyst hamn i kvällsbelysning från en segelbåt

"On a typical weekend, we often head out to the Vättern archipelago and like to moor at Grönön. Or we sail out to Storvättern and anchor at Lilla Röknen. Last year we sailed around the entire Lake Vättern without going ashore; it was a real adventure. It's lovely to share the joy of being out on the lake, exploring its changing landscapes and exciting places," Edvin smiles. "We usually barbecue on some island, but the favorite is probably potato salad with bacon sandwich. It's important to think carefully about provisions; the boat isn't equipped with a refrigerator."

Segelbåt på Vättern som drar en liten jolle efter sig.
Två unga killar seglar.
Segelbåt med hissade segel

For Edvin, boating isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle. He finds joy and satisfaction in caring for and enjoying the boat, and every sailing trip is an opportunity to explore new places and create lifelong memories. With Epicurus as his faithful companion, he looks forward to many more adventures on the waves of Lake Vättern, and this summer, the wind seems to be blowing towards a trip on the Göta Canal towards Forsvik and Lake Vänern.

Lutande segelbåt
Fören på en segelbåt

We wish Edvin and his friends a wonderful summer on the lake and look forward to seeing this beautiful boat glide around our beloved Lake Vättern.

Segelbåt i solnedgång
Segelbåt i solnedgång
Segelbåt vid en ö i solnedgång
Solnedgång på sjön