The dream of the cottage: A love story to Sweden's forests

Christian and Ella - A couple in love with Sweden

In the shade of the lush forests and vast lakes of Åmmeberg, Christian Kuper and Ella Kemande have found their own little oasis. Their story began far away, in Hamburg, Germany, but has evolved into a love story for the Swedish landscape and its charming communities.

Love across borders

With a strong commitment to nature and climate issues, trips to Sweden have attracted the German couple northward for many years, where they fell in love with the Swedish countryside. After a hiking trip with their adult children near Askersund, they fell head over heels for the little cottage in the forests of Åmmeberg. And perhaps it was precisely because of its simplicity, such as the lack of modern amenities like electricity and running water, that they felt an immediate connection to the place and decided to make it their own.

The magic at first sight

Ella recounts with sparkling eyes the first encounter with the cottage, as they walked the last hundred meters through the forest and felt nature embrace them. Animal tracks of deer, moose, and fox were visible along the little forest road, and the scent of forest, moss, and blueberries filled the air. At the cottage, a clearing in the forest opened up, and they felt enchanted by the place's magic.

A day trip between Hamburg and Askersund makes it possible to travel smoothly between their two homes, and they feel that they simultaneously reach an area that offers what is associated with Sweden.

Renovation: A journey of collaboration and friendship

Now, a couple of years later, the pair has embarked on a careful renovation of their beloved cottage. With support and good advice from local businesses and neighbors, they have discovered a new dimension of community. Their commitment to the renovation project has not only transformed the cottage but also created friendships and many new contacts with the people in the area. Both Christian and Ella describe their joy at being able to contribute to the cultural heritage through their careful renovation work and thus become part of the community.

Accommodation at Garvaregården B&B

When we meet Christian and Ella during the coldest days of February, the winter chill makes it impossible to stay in the cottage. On these occasions, Christian and Ella choose to enjoy small-town life in Askersund at Garvaregården B&B. They warmly speak of the hosts Rolf and Anita, who take care of them in a thoughtful way and create a homely atmosphere. Staying at Garvaregården has become part of their Swedish adventures and an opportunity to get to know even more of the area's residents.

Exploration of the surrounding area and cultural experiences

For Christian and Ella, their cottage is not only a place to enrich their everyday lives, but also a base for exploring the surrounding landscape. From tranquil forest walks to a rich cultural life, there is always something new to discover and appreciate. "Everything we need is here," says Christian.

"Yes, and then suddenly we discover that there is a ski resort in the neighboring village of Zinkgruvan," Ella laughs with delight at the diversity and simplicity of the offerings in the serene landscape.

A declaration of love to Sweden

For Christian and Ella, Askersund has become a new home. Their story is a reminder of the strong bond between humans and nature, and the connection that can arise when we open our hearts to new experiences and adventures. With joy and gratitude, they look forward to each day in their beloved cottage, ready to embrace all that life in Sweden has to offer.